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I got my first board from Nigel when I was about 10, maybe even younger! What I do know, is he has worked with me since then, producing amazing boards time and time again.


People don’t realise how important it is to find the right board to suit your style of surfing. John John Florence might surf amazingly on his Pyzel, but not everyone can surf like John John, so why would his boards work for me? 


Nigel is one of the only shapers in England who still holds strong to that principle. The board needs to suit the surfer. When I get a board from Nigel we will spend hours talking: About my surfing, my previous boards, how they went, what I want to change, where I want my surfing to go, and feeding all that into tweaking the next shape. Nigel was a European champ and has shaped boards for most of the top British surfers over the years! He knows his stuff!


All these things are important, so he can make the right board for your surfing. Talk to him yourself! you might find what your looking for.

ION are a new sponsor for me, and have been a great help in hooking me up with amazing suits and a bunch of sick surf paraphernalia (deck pads, leashes, board bags etc)


A recent trip to Iceland found me swimming about icebergs in near freezing waters. I can’t say I was hot, but I was swimming around comfortably for a good few hours. If thats not a sign of a good suit then I don’t know what is. They also seem to be much harder wearing than most suits I've had in the past. All the suits I have from them are still in near perfect condition.


check out their site to see what they have to offer:

“I feckin love my DryRobe!” 


When Gideon first approached me, one of the things we chatted about was a slogan for DryRobe. the above was my suggestion, I think it would have been great! Its true! I do feckin love my DryRobe!


I can safely say I don’t ever go for a surf without bringing my DryRobe. I find it hard to think of a situation where my DryRobe doesn’t come in handy! When I was in Iceland I pretty much didn’t take it off for 2 weeks. I even slept in it most nights (it gets cold in a tent)! All I can say is it is the ultimate for any surfer planning a cold water surf trip.


Check them out! You can even customise them:

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