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Another chilled day today. I went and met that homeless guy and he filmed me eating breakfast and driving about and stuff like that. I sat and talked with him for ages, as he always seems kind of lonely. We mostly talked about making money online, using youtube, and social media to promote yourself. He talked about his idea of writing books about his life, in journal style, It was quite funny because that is almost exactly what I’m doing. It actually made me think that at the end of this trip this blog may actually resemble a book! who knows, maybe one day ill even sell a few copies!

After I’d done that I went to find some internet to post my blog and Skype home. turns out there was an internet place pretty close, so I went and parked up outside to sort my shit out.

It was nice Skypping home, and speaking to the family (well half the family, Jemima and Harriet are off doing their own thing. If you have the time you should check out Jemimas blog “life after an arts degree", its really good) but yeah that was fun. Then I was like ‘yolo ill Skype Chloe again. There were no waves and it was raining, so I didn't have anything to do but sit on the wifi.

6 hours later I hung up to get some food. Wait… What? Did I just say 6 hours? Ill say it once more. Chloe and I skipped for 6 HOURS! Is that normal? Is that even legal! Surly Skype must have realised!… We didn't even realise to be fair, we were just chatting away, talking about what we had been up to. Then we started doing this thing where you ask each other these questions… it was some weird online thing, but it was just really fun. The next thing I knew it was 6 hours later!! What the heck! Its not like I regret it, I just find it kind of hard to believe! Surly the Skype time keeper thing malfunctioned or something…

All I know is by the time I hung up I was faint with hunger and had to go to a drive threw burrito pace because I could hardly move! Anyway, since then I have just been making a little edit of all my clips from Trestles the other day and getting that on youtube. but yeah! now its time for bed! whoopie!


This morning I just rolled straight in to the drives seat and drove to T-Street. I had a really nice breakfast watching the waves and then jumped in myself! It wasn't that great, pretty small, had a few fun waves.

What was cool was I saw one of the surfers I had talked to at the QS event in Huntington, after we had chatted I asked how he did and he said he had won the event! Can you believe it! He must have been on cloud 9!!

So yeah, that was cool. Anyway, the waves got worse, and then went completely flat, so I decided to go get wifi again and finish off my web site (which I have now done! wohoo! gunna launch it tomorrow). It took a while to sort it all out and polish of the finer details (I had to make a FB page as well so I could link to it but I needed to do that anyway so its all good) but it all went pretty smoothly, I got my new edit finished and online (its call “2 hours & Trestles” and its in the Video section of my website) and yeah! That was pretty much it!

Im currently in a Walmart carpark because I got moved on from my nice place by T-Street :( I was pushing it though, I had parked up on that street 3 times, so the residence must have started to get worried :/ Its a sign. Time to move on! After I get my website online tomorrow morning i’ll think about heading south. Time to cross the border!


So! I got moved on from Walmart as well! Basted's! I was nice and asleep and this guy comes up, nocking on the window like “no camping in the plaza son” … what a dick. I had to drive off while I was still half asleep! All I can say is I cant wait to get in to Mexico. Still waiting around for this guy Gary Linen so I can have a chat with him, and then I can cross the border! Im going to see him tomorrow!

I have been reading all my surf guides today which has got me frothing, every description is “perfect right hand point break. follow dirt road off Mex one at miles stone 23 for 20 miles, then take the left fork and follow for 10 miles, then take the right fork 5 miles, then follow coast for about 15 miles and look for the point, no crowds, 4x4 advised, bring supplies” and there is 100 of them! my only dilemma is going to be picking the most perfect ones…

but yeah, today was kinda slow. After I launched my blog I spent a while faffing about trying to find an at&t store to get a dongle (portable wifi device) so I can use the internet anywhere. No one had any. I also got kicked out of my prime wifi spot as the coffee shop finally noticed that I’d pretty much been parked there for 3 days without ever going in…

Tomorrow should be more interesting as I’m finally moving on, heading south to see Gary and then fingers crossed in to Baja soon ish! First stop San Miguel point! woo!

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